HomePlate exists because of the dedication, ownership, and compassion of our community. We encourage individuals, community groups, and businesses to find a piece of HomePlate that is meaningful for them to sponsor. Perhaps that means sponsoring the costs of one month of bus tickets—or the 'invisible' costs of running a non-profit like volunteer-management software. Help is always appreciated, and acknowledged through logo-placement, social media spotlights, and name recognition whenever possible.

Here are just a few ideas and ways to be a part of ensuring youth in Washington County are supported by local community members: 

  • Sponsor one week of outreach—includes the costs of bus tickets, socks, snacks, resource materials, annual trainings, volunteer training, and staff time. $345 per week
  • Sponsor one year of website hosting - our website and technology presence is an important lifeline for youth and community members to access valuable information.  Our website, volunteer management database, and e-newsletter reach over 3,000 people each month and is a great way to show our community your company's support for local youth empowerment. $250 per month
  • Sponsor one field trip for our youth—from a baseball game with the Hillsboro Hops to a trip to the coast and Tillamook Cheese Factory.
  • Sponsor a dinner at drop-in.

  Contact our Development Director (donations@homeplateyouth.org) for more information.